212 is a biannual magazine based out of Istanbul, published and distributed internationally. It contains short fiction and long-form reportage; distinctive photo essays and revealing interviews. Even though it was born in the city where east meets west (as the love-worn cliche goes), the magazine seeks to transcend the loaded dichotomies of Istanbul’s favourite metaphor, and extends its gaze far beyond the region.

Our tenth issue – Future Shock – Autumn/Winter 2020 is now out in stores worldwide.


Black Futures Matter – Text by Elif Bereketli, illustration by Fatih Öztürk.

End-of-Episode Monsters – A photo essay by Clemens Ascher, text by Özge Akkaya.

Watching Stalenhag’s Dreams – Interview with Simon Stalenhag, by Elif Bereketli.

The Future Is A Maybe – A short story by Tomris Uyar.

The Plastic Beginning of Our End – A photo essay by Mandy Barker, text by Özge Akkaya.

Unsubtitled 2020 – A prose by Selin Gürel, artwork by M. Florine Démosthène.

The Future: Our Great Absence – A photo essay by Vincent Fournier, text by Onur Uygun.

Possibilities of Another World – Artist portfolio of Emma Larsson.

This is How We Walk On The Moon – A photo essay by Kai Löffelbein, text by Itır Yıldız.

The Pause: A Sudden Reminder of The Absent Present – Interview with Hussein Chalayan, by Merve Arkunlar.

We Are Orchestras – A photo essay by Cig Harvey.

Herland – Fashion story by Marc Hibbert, styling by Grace Joel.

Journal of a Solitude – Fashion story by Gwen Trannoy, styling by Konca Aykan

World in Flux – An essay by Marcos Lutyens.