212 is back with its third issue, High Issue, for Spring/Summer 2017.

In light of the weight of the previous themes, this issue explores a notion that might carry everybody into spring on a positive note – to a higher state of mind, and to a better version of themselves.

A fantastic cover story by Laura Marie Cieplik for Chanel Haute Couture SS17, dedicated to the dreamers among us, with creative direction by Kaduri Elyashar and styling by Jonathan Huguet.

The new issue takes a tour in the first solar plane to travel around the world, sneak a look into the lives of the privileged, and feature a never-before published photo series by American photographer Anna Gaskell, which traces the silent power of clairvoyant conversations.

Elsewhere, interviews include the author and historian Yuval Noah Harari and director Luca Guadagnino, a photo-essay by Kayo Ume about her famous white dog, celebrating her new book ‘White Dog’ out now, breath-taking Drone photography from around the world and the dark, humoristic language of the Irish artist Geneive Figgis.

PLUS, read about the mystic stories behind mythological birds of the hidden worlds, Jordanian artist Ahmad Nawash’s works featured on Art Dubai and author Natasha-Cavassoni’s fond remembrance of the iconic photographer Horst P. Horst in the High Society with exclusive photography from the new book ‘Around That Time’.
Discover new heights – of the human body, of technology, of mythology, mind-expansion, construction, aesthetics, manners and space with this new issue.

Contributors on this issue

Aart-Jan Venema, Alexander Dawe, Ali Yılancı, Alper Bahçekapılı, Anna Gaskell, Aylin Sökmen, Barbaros Cangürel, Can Büyükkalkan, Cumhur Özen, Dirk Dallas, Eny Whitehead, Emre Güven, Emre Doğru, Jonathan Huguet, Hakan Kültür, Ilan Zebib, Jonathan Huguet, Kaduri Elyashar, Kayo Ume, Laura Marie Cieplik, Lina Rincon, Luc Margalida, Marie Soares, Matt Hanson, Mert Terliksiz, Mike Jay, Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni, Nicholas Clayton, Olesya Turkina, Olga Norman, Sarah Cazeneuve, Sinan Aksu, Susan Bright, Ünal Turhan, Yumiko Hikage.