Cover story — Photography by Annie Lai,
styling by Rubina Vita Marchiori.

Who Gives A Sh*t About Perfectionism with Erik Kessels —
Interview by Merve Arkunlar, portrait by Nosh Neneh.

Exoplanet Travel Bureau — Text by Burak Diken,
posters by NASA.

We are The Wave — Fashion story by PJ Lam,
styling by Sense 6.

Silent Gestures with Ilya Kaminsky —
Interview by Ayten Tartıcı, collage work by Selman Hoşgör.

Lazin On A Sunny Afternoon — From the series ‘Where The Amish Vacation’ by Dina Litovsky, words by İpek Çınar.

Under Plastic Conditions: The Future — Photography by Christto & Andrew, words by İrem Sözen.

Earthly Conspiracies — An essay by Mehmet Ekinci, illustration by Caner Yılmaz.

Burgeoining Costumes — Photography by Michal Chelbin, words by Selen Erdoğan.

Tahte’z-zemin — An essay by Gürbey Hiz.

For Whom The Golden Records Toll? — Text by Deniz Aytekin, illustration by Fatih Öztürk.

Keep The Faith with a Wandering Life — Photography by Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, words by Selen Erdoğan.