Please Don’t Go – A fashion special for Prada – Photography by David Abrahams, styling by Konca Aykan.

To Hell With Everything (except pets) – Interview with David Shrigley, by Merve Arkunlar & Arthur Savile.

A Trial Separation – An essay by Ayten Tartıcı, artwork by Ted Fullerton.

Stargazing – Fashion story by Szilveszter Mako, styling by Ramona Tabita

Blurred Boundaries Between Dreams & Reality – A photo essay by Annabel Elgar.

Change and Chaos: A Shower of Clouds – An article by E.Şevval Yürüten, photography by Lyoudmila Milanova.

Celebrating Colour in Chaos with Damien Hirst – Cherry Blossoms, artist series by Damien Hirst.

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters – Photo essay by Kourtney Roy.

Loneliness Enshrouded In Sublime Emptiness – A photo essay by Dean West.

Dreaming of Saving A Suffocating World: Those Who Defeat Fate and Amin Maalouf – Interview with Amin Maalouf, by Damla Kellecioğlu.

Staring into the void – Artist porfolio of Erin Armstrong.

Chaos Reigns – An essay by Arthur Savile.