Taking A Break with Francis Ford Coppola – Interview with Francis Ford Coppola by Heval Okçuoğlu, photography by Sam Christmas.

No Such Thing As Tomorrow  – Short Story by Tarık Buğra, artwork by La Ba Quan.

Erasmus’ Festina Lente – Translation by Otto Steinmayer, artwork by Brian O’Connor.

What Lies Beyond Chloe Wise’s Universe – Interview with Chloe Wise by Zeynep Erekli, photography by Laura Marie Cieplik.

The Urban Adventures of Ahmet Bir – short story by Mehmet Said Aydın, artwork by Pablo Picasso.

Chance Encounters  – A photo essay curated by Eastreet, text by Liza Premiyak.

The History of Silence – An essay by Guillaume Villadier, photography by Ünal Turhan.

Painting The Every Day – Artist Portfolio of Neş’e Erdok, text by Nicole O’Rourke.

Contort Yourself – A photo essay by Luis Alberto Rodriguez.

Sunrise Sunset – Fashion story by Samuel Bradley, Styling by Konca Aykan.

Butterfly Effect – Fashion story by Osma Harvilahti, Styling by Sandra Berrebi.

Heroic Idlers – An essay by Yann Perreau, artwork by George Jones.