The initial issue was published on June 2016. The theme was Strange Days, in which we interrogated the turmoil and confusion of the times we live in.

The Story of Anatolian Pop – Portrait photography by Emre Doğru accompanied by an essay by Murat Meriç and Kaan Düzarat.

The Council of Karapete Xaço – Essay on the legendary Armenian bard by Mehmet Said Aydın.

Romance is the Glamour Which Turns the Dust of Everyday Life Into a Golden Haze – Fashion Story photographed by Hellen Van Meene. Styling by İlkay Gürpınar.

Primal at Heart – Portrait photography by Charles Fréger, from his renowned series Wilder Mann.

Sands Of Time – A curation of Martin Parr’s renowned beach photographs accompanied by a text by the artist.

Adam Curtis on the Great Mystery of Our Time – Interview with documentary filmmaker by Tobias Garnett.

Future Feminism – Interview with performance artist Kembra Pfahler by Büşra Erkara, photographed by Rick Owens.

Buzludzha – Fashion story by Sandrine Dulermo & Michael Labica. Styling by Laurent Dombrowicz.

Essay by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni on Middle Eastern Glamour.

The Power of Spring – Short Story by Orhan Veli.