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Aimée Hoving creates a world where beauty centres itself with the power of precision. As she emphasises her common origins with Vermeer, Hoving’s creations come to life with pre-planned arrangements.



As an internationally acclaimed artist, who merited 4th place at the Jury’s Selection Awards at Prix Virginia in 2020 and was a finalist at the Lucie Foundation’s Portrait Project and Photolucida Critical Mass, Hoving’s work was featured in issue 7 of 212, as well as in renowned publications such as Vogue and Elle.


Since our last rendezvous, we found Hoving in search of harmony. Our bond with her childhood emotions – the good, the bad, the joyful ones and those enshrouded in a sense of emptiness – has grown stronger than ever. The essence of her work still comes from a nostalgic place, reminiscent of a Sunday morning car ride to our grandparents' house or the smell of vintage clothing. However, she still manages to keep us on our toes, with an almost puerile approach, which coexists with her seemingly old soul. Hoving’s daughter is her muse and also models for her shoots. This intimist approach allows her to deepen the bond between her work and her inner world, as her daughter becomes the subject of many unearthly compositions.

Hoving graduated from the École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL), with a degree in Visual Communication and Photography. In 2004, she received the Swiss Design Award, given to young Swiss talent, in the field of modern design. Her talent in this field allows Hoving to perfectly align what she has in her mind with what she sees. The viewers find themselves immersed within a sense of visually heightened and precise fiction. The figurative reenactment of a fictional place seems somewhat eerie, as it comes to life with carefully adapted real-life scenery, to fit Hoving's preconceived dreamscapes.