212 is a biannual magazine based out of Istanbul, published and distributed internationally. It contains short fiction and long-form reportage; distinctive photo essays and revealing interviews. Even though it was born in the city where east meets west (as the love-worn cliche goes), the magazine seeks to transcend the loaded dichotomies of Istanbul’s favourite metaphor, and extends its gaze far beyond the region.

Our Autumn/Winter 2019 Guilt issue is now out in stores worldwide.


Out to Play – A photo essay by Ouka Leele, text by Damla Kellecioğlu.

Left Alive – Fashion Story and art direction by Szilveszter Makó, styling by Siyan Chen.

No More Excuses – Interview with Massimo Bottura by Merve Arkunlar.

Tranquil Stories With A Sense of Eeriness – A photo essay by Ellen Kooi, text by Itır Yıldız.

What Would a Non-Humancentric World Look Like? – Interview with Nicolas Bourriaud, photography by Muhsin Akgün.

Boltin Reality at a Gallop – A photo essay by Ekin Çekiç, winner of the 212 Photography Competition 2019, text by Evrim Altuğ.

Be, Kind, Rewind… Lost World – Interview with Paolo di Paolo, by Merve Arkunlar.

Besieged by Fear – Artist Porfolio of Mircea Suciu, text by Yiğit Tuna.

S O L U S – Fashion story by Alexandra von Fuerst, styling by Konca Aykan.

Hulk’s Toys – A photo essay by Tommaso Barsali, text by Onur Aymete.

Evolution of a Breakup – Short story by Etgar Keret, artwork by Nataliya Turnova.

Courageous Colours and Stripes – Interview with Angela Missoni, photography by Aslı Türker.

Cities & Desires – A photo essay by Nick Hannes, text by Onur Uygun.

Yellow – Short story by Sema Kaygusuz, translation by Maureen Freely, artwork by Jenni Hiltunen.